Travel Requirements

In order for the X-Cats to travel to the Albany Regional there are certain requirements that each student has to meet. These requirements are documented by "stars" received for completing the required actions.


Communications Star:

To receive the Communications star, students have to present their student journals to the group and also give a brief weekly update about what their subteam has been working on.

Journals are an insight to who each student or mentor is. This is helpful in getting to know each other. Returning members use the Accomplishments Template to explain something important to them that they accomplished in the previous season. New members use the New Member Template to give general information about themselves, their interests, and why they joined the team.


Fundraising Star:

To earn the Fundraising start, students are required to help support the X-Cats through fundraising or donating money themselves. For most students, fundraising involves selling candly. Students have a goal of contributing $150 to the team. To earn a fundraising "Paw" students must contribute an additional $25 through fundraising or donation


Extra Hours:

Students are expected to attend all meetings during pre-season and the build season. Students can put in extra hours as well. To earn these extra hours, or make up missed hours, students are able to stay after regular meetings or schedule a time with a mentor when they can come in.


Three Paws:

Students are expected to earn three "paws". Paws are rewards for doing more than what you are required to, such as fundraising more than the expected amount, doing extra community service or spending extra hours.


Requirements by Level

For the Casual Member, students are expected to work for 45 hours at the X-cats site, participate in a fund-raising activity, write a journal and orally present it, and participate in a community service requirements.

For the Junior Varsity Member, students must complete the requirements of a Casual Member, but work for 60 hours at the site and obtain 1 paw on the starchart.

For the Varsity Member , students must complete the requirements of a Junior Varsity member, but work for 75 hours of at the site and obtain 3 paws on the starchart.