Meet our Subteams


Mechanical 1 Team

On the Mechanical Sub-Team, we design, prototype, and build each year's competition robot. Students on the Mechanical Sub-Team learn important skills in our shop, such as how to use many of its machines & tools, as well as many other important manufacturing techniques. But most importantly, they gain essential engineering experience, which will be a lasting influence on them.

Robot Software

Robot Software

In Software, we code the competition robot. The students on our team learn how to use Java as well as Gitlab. These skills are then used to write code allowing the robot to control itself or be controlled by the drives team.

The Web Team


On the Web Team we use the coding language html (hypertext markup language) to create and update this website. Students learn how to use css and bootstrap to stylize and format the website. The students also add & update information on the season such as the team members, leadership positions, community service, the robot, the star chart, sponsors.


Promotions/Business Teams

On the fundrasing/promotions teamWe are responsible for coming up with ideas and organizing for all of the fundrasing money so that students can contribute to the team by rasing money individually. We also make and design all the flyers, brochures, and all advertising for the team. We also are in charge of team branding. We help design and make our buttons and avatar for the team.

Android App

Android App

The App team is in charge of coding and designing for the scouting app. The scouting app is a mobile app that tracks the robot's stats during competition. The app is developed with Andriod Studio and Java. The team will use the data to evaluate potential teammates during the competition.


Drive/Electrical team

On the Mechanical Sub-Team, we design, prototype, and build each year's competition robot.

Field Build Team

Field Build team

On Field-Build, students review blueprints to determine needs for field build, measure and cut out materials, construct the field components, and then lay out the field for the chart.


Integration/CAD team

On the CAD, (computer aided design) Subteam we develop digital drawings to enable the mech team to build the robot accurately. In addition, we help with integration and 3D printed fabrication.